Living in Retirement and other life events

Recently I was having a conversation with one of my elderly clients and she had commented on the lack of resources available for seniors or people who were retired.  Upon exploring her comments further, I discovered that she was speaking to the lack of “information resources available”.  Much of the dissemination of information has been moving to the internet (ironically like this blog article),  which is not always the top of mind location for the elderly clients.  As we spoke of her concerns, I turned to the internet and found some resources for her.  One of the resources was provided by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.  

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada has a number of sections on the site, and one section of the site was devoted to topics that related to Life Events such as:

The section of  living in retirement was well laid out and had a number of links to other topics – overall a pretty good resource.

now if only my client had a computer…………….


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