Changing Your Mailing Address With Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

“Please advise Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that we have moved” is a common request by our clients.  

However, it is a request that we are unable to fulfill.  To protect the taxpayer from potential fraud, CRA requires that the taxpayer make the change directly.  

There are three ways to change your address:

By Mail or Fax

You can submit the following form to CRA – Form RC325 or by sending a letter by mail or by fax to your tax centre.  

The letter should include your signature, social insurance number, your new address and the effective date of the move.

By Phone

You will need information from your last income tax return to confirm your identity with the CRA telephone agent.

The number for CRA individual tax enquires is 1-800-959-8281. 

By Internet

In order to change your address by internet, you will need to register for Canada Revenue Agency’s My Account service.  

More information about this service can be found on CRA’s website at My Account for Individuals

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