2017 Income Tax Deadlines (for 2016 tax year) – Canadians

Tax season is here and there are plenty of tax deadlines to keep in mind as we make our way into 2017, including:

  • T1 personal tax return
  • T1 personal tax return for self-employed
  • Date of Death T1 personal tax return
  • T2 Corporate tax return
  • T3 Trust tax return
  • Tax Slips – T3, T4, T4A, T5, T5013
  • GST return
  • RRSP contribution deadline
  • Tax Instalment Deadlines

The most common 2017 Tax Deadlines are listed in chronological order below. Enter them into your calendar to ensure you don’t miss them!

For individuals who died before November 1, 2016, their 2016 T1 personal tax return and taxes owing are generally due May 1, 2017 (normally April 30th, but since it falls on a Sunday in 2017, the filing deadline is the next business day). If the date of death is after October 31, 2016, the deceased’s 2016 T1 personal tax return and taxes owing are due 6 months from their date of death.

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