Income Tax Filings; Compilation, Review & Audit Services; Tax Advice & Financial Planning; New Business Set-Up; Computer Services & Accounting Software Training


Personal T1 Tax Returns; Rental Income; Investments; Tax Credits & Benefits; RRSP & TFSA; Adjusted Cost Base Tracking

Estates & Trusts

Date of Death (Terminal) Tax Returns; Estate T3 Tax Returns; Ongoing Trust T3’s; Tax Clearance Certificate; Executor Fees Payroll; Estate Accounting; Succession Planning

Forensic & Special Investigations

Expert Witness Testimony; Financial Fraud Investigations; Litigation Support; Alleged Fiduciary Abuse Investigations


Tax Filings; Review & Audit Services; Accounting Software Setup & Training; Feasibility Studies


Disposing of Canadian Property; Capital Gains; Withholding Tax; Rental Income; Tax Filings